Bred By BigCountry

Bred by BigCountry

Sade - BigCountry's Little Rascal
DOB: August 6th, 2007
Litter: Phoebe & Kenny Litter

Sade lives with Paul & Kristyn Marting of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Sadie is a Phoebe/Kenny daughter.

Sade finished her Canadian Championship at the Bradford Kennel Club, breeder handled for her entire title. Sade will be working towards finishing her Field Dog Junior title this spring with her owner Paul Martining.

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Case - BigCountry's Case FDX
Litter: Phoebe & Jackson
Owned by: The Severinac Family

Case is a finished FDX titled GSP. Congrats to his handler Ugo and owner Zeljko. This amazing dogs other achievements also include 2nd in an American Field Open Shooting Dog Stake (horseback)!

Case achieved his FD (Field Dog) title fall 2009. Congratulations to his owner and handler!

Case completed his Field Dog training with Uplander Field Trainers. Test completed - Sat. May 15th 2009 - Field Dog Trail - Pass - Score 93

At just 9 months, this dog handled his birds like a veteran — handled like a dream, pointed steady to wing, shot and fall and retrieved downed birds!

He's a very nice GSP - congrats!

Ugo Pennaccheitti (Uplander Field Dog Trainer)
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BigCountry's Spring Blossum FDJ - Lella
DOB: March 3rd, 2008
Litter: Phoebe & Jackson

Lella has completed her field training and acheieved a 2nd place ribbon for her NAVDA Natural Ability test. She also has completed her FDJ test in with scores of 89 and 93 on May 15th 09. Congratulations to her owner Frank Tarantino for doing such a wonderful job with this special girl.

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BigCountry's N Legacyk Georgia FD
DOB: September 16th, 2009
Litter: Jazzy & Diesel

This amazing young girl from our Jazzy and Diesel litter achieved her FD certificate with three straight with scores of 96, 92 and 95.

Georgia turned 1 year old on September 16th 2010.

Owned by Kate Hurkmans
Handled by Ugo of Uplander Field Training


BigCountry Sapphire
Litter: Riis & Riley

This stunning solid liver female puppy is from our litter with our bred by CH BigCountry Brauner Zaucher - "Riis" and a stunning solid Liver boy - CH Fogelhund's All Riled Up CGN - "Riley".

Check out the following blog to see some amazing pictures of this beautiful girl with her young companion Marty.

Comments from Ilona - Scruffy Dog Photographer

"I think one of the things that makes this little girl such a fabulously well-rounded little pup … so easy-going and calm, yet healthy and energized … is good, responsible breeding. this girl comes from Big Country Kennels, breeding both German Shorthaired Pointers and Bernese Mountain Dogs — extremely responsible breeders who not only health-check their dogs, but have also seen first-hand the benefits of raw-feeding. kudos to Big Country! and by the way, if you’re looking for raw-food supplies, check out their raw food supply website: Big Country Raw. although, for those who know this breed, it might seem a little crazy that this girl is the family’s first dog — GSPs can be more than a handful even for a seasoned dog-owner — i think mom Cindy has made a great choice for their active family and son Marty. and with a breeder’s expertise and guidance to help them along the way, they should be in good stead to offer this girl a wonderful, fulfilled GSP life."

Photo coming soon

BigCountry's Guiness
DOB: December 1st, 2010
Litter: Fiona & Baron

Owners: Leigh-Ann and Stuart

Comments: "Thanks so much for our amazing puppy Guiness, he is amazing!!!! We just love him to pieces."

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BigCountry Chester
DOB: December 1st, 2010
Litter: Fiona & Baron

Owners: Mark and Donna

Comments: "Just want to let you know that Chester is making a very smooth and problem-free transition to his new home. He's an absolute and total delight!!"

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Bigcountry's Global Hawk - Kaiser
DOB: March 3rd, 2008
Litter: Phoebe & Jackson

He is a big boy... playful and adventurous but cautious, loving and loyal and serious about a lot of matters. I am really glad to have him and spending every moment so I make our lives even more interesting and fun.

Kaiser is currently working toward his NAVDA titles with his owner Shumyl.

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DOB: January 20th, 2008
Litter: Ria & Adhemar

After extensive research for a good breeder, BigCountry Kennel was our obvious #1 choice. BigCountry Kennel is very professional and really care as to the home that their puppies will be going to . BigCountry kennel has one of the nicest set up we have seen. After meeting Geraldine in person and seeing the "mother to be" we knew we had made the right choice. Our puppy "Harley" is everything we expected from a good breeder, she is intelligent, affectionate and has a very good temperament. She has graduated from basic and advance obedience school with merit. I would not hesitate to refer anyone that is looking for a GSP to BigCountry kennel.

Richard and Danielle.

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Marley - BigCountry's Gamay
DOB: August 20th, 2008
Litter: Ria & Delceg
Accomplishments: Graduate of McCann's Headstart Program

"We adopted Marley (Gamay) from Big Country Kennels on September 23, 2008. We were so impressed with the environment Geraldine provides for her GSP puppies. She took time every day to socialize Marley with her other dogs, people (including her children) and different situations to give him the foundation that he needed to become the great GSP that he is. Geraldine also did preliminary crate training and paper training with our Marley, as with all of her litters. So much so that the fears that we had of our puppy crying all night were quickly dispelled after Marley cried only once in his crate the first night. At twelve weeks of age he is completely house trained and even eliminates on command. Walking Marley on lead has been a pleasure because he is so responsive to our training, even walking at heal from as early as ten weeks old. Since we adopted Marley he has completed puppy kindergarden at a professional training center and has learned not to be possessive of his food or toys, sit- down-stays on verbal command, rolls over, shakes paw, spins, allows are three children to kiss him when he is eating or playing with a toy....We feel very strongly that these accomplishments that we have made with Marley are not just a credit to the GSP breed, but to Geraldine and her dedication and love for German Shorthair Pointers, and coming from that a strong desire to ensure that here litters have the best start to life that she could possibly give them. Thank you Geraldine and Big Country Kennels for our wonderful Marley."

The Whan Family

Blue - BigCountry's Blue Rodeo
Owners: The Begg Family
DOB: August 6th 2007
Litter: Phoebe & Kenny

Deciding to add Blue to our family was an easy choice, and BigCountry Kennels made the process even easier. We are very grateful for the help and support we received from BigCountry Kennels.

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Chloe - Big Country's Vidal - Female
Owners: Dean & Nikki
Litter: Ria & Delceg

We are so happy with our Chloe… she is such a perfect puppy! She’s very smart – we taught her some tricks within a week of coming home! She’s 3 months old, and is already very independent. She walks on-leash, is completely crate-trained, and is /almost/ completely house-trained (we have a few accidents here and there - but she has outgrown her nickname - ‘Puddles’.) She can do a few tricks: sit, wait, lie down, speak, high-five, turn around, kisses… She’s an absolute joy to have around, and we love her to pieces! She’s the perfect blend between fun, smart, independent and cuddly. We couldn’t ask for a better friend, and we would recommend this breed to any young couple looking for a fun-loving, intelligent and above all, loyal addition to their family.


Rocky - BigCountry's Mountain Music
Litter: Ria & Adhemar
Family: Jason & Dustynn and Ellie (GSP)

We adopted Rocky on July 12th, 2008 from BigCountry Kennels. He is our second GSP and we absolutely adore him. He adapted very quickly to our home and he has been incredibly easy to train. He has learned all beginner and advanced level obedience and we can’t believe how willing he is to please. Rocky has been a terrific addition to our family and his temperament could not be better. Everyone who meets him falls in love with his sweet personality. From the moment we met Geraldine, we knew that we would be getting a wonderful dog from her, and we were so right!

Thank you, Geraldine, for breeding such amazing dogs and for our precious little guy!

~ Dustynn, Jason & Ellie"

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Bouncer - BigCountry's Bouncer LeBeuf
Litter: Phoebe & Jackson

Thought I’d give you an update on the best GSP ever bred — Bouncer Lebeuf! He’s doing wonderful and is such a great dog. I just can’t believe that he’ll be two in March. He finished basic obedience and will undergo further training in January 2010. We decided to get him a brother so we rescued a Springer Spaniel mix in May (he’s 1 now) and they are best friends. Bouncer really needed a buddy to keep him busy and wear him down a bit. They jump and play fight for hours. We still have someone come twice a day to run him and I walk and run him daily as well.

I can’t express how grateful we are to you for Bouncer and what a healthy, happy energetic dog you gave to us. Thank you,


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Owen - BigCountry's Special Reserve Cabernet
Litter: Ria & Delceg

Owen is absolutely amazing. He is now 61 lbs as of a couple weeks ago when he went to the vet for his annual shots and check up. He's become the biggest snuggly dog I've ever encountered. I used to think our late Tequila was very affectionate but Owen is a lap dog as far as he's concerned. He has to be either laying on top of us or touching us in some way when he's resting. I don't mind at all, I love it. He's become quite the talented frisbee player in recent months. He lives to catch the frisbee and can run like the wind. What a sight to see, he's very athletic and in amazing physical condition. The vet could not say enough about how beautiful he is, kudos to you for breeding such stunning pointers.

Cathy & Michael

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Maya - BigCountry's Maya Oh My
Litter: Ria & Adhemar
Owners: Helen & Marty

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Sadie - BigCountry's Here Comes Trouble
Litter: Phoebe & Jackson
Owners: Natalie & Alex - Calgary, AB

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Lexi - BigCountry's Ria Lexus
Litter: Ria & Delceg
Owners: Michelle & Dan

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Jax - BigCountry's Jax
Litter: Prissi & Kenny - December 2008
Owners: Al & Kaydene Brown

Jax is a beautiful young boy from our litter with Prissi & Kenny. We hope to see more of him soon as he begins showing in 2010.

Jax is a fun-loving energetic boy, but is very well mannered and obedient.

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Jack - BigCountry's Jake
Litter: Phoebe & Kenny
DOB: July 16, 2009
Owners: Donna & Dave

Everything is good actually great and Jake is an amazing guy. Jake got his 16 week vaccination and we weighed him Friday night, and he is alredy 40 lbs! Oh my goodness...all muscle and strong thick bones. Love him to bits...he really is a little boy at times and plays so well with our other GSP Jesse. Thank you for bringing him into our lives. Very rewarding seeing the interactions of the two.


Cooper - BigCountry's Cooper LeHaye
Litter: Phoebe & Kenny
DOB: July 2009

Here is our favorite picture of Cooper. He is a very good listener and we have to worry about him taking off or running after other dogs. He loves to meet other dogs, especially when they want to play.


Kasie – Big Country’s Miata
Litter: Phoebe & Kenny
DOB: July 16, 2009 Owners: Erich & Laura Haber, Stittsville, ON

When we decided to change dog breeds and bring a new puppy into our lives, the two main criteria were that it be child-friendly, because of our one-year-old grandson, and that it be energetic, because Erich wanted a running companion. The GSP was the perfect choice.

We knew we had found the right breeder when we saw Big Country’s home page with Geraldine and her young family and then visited the very clean and well-organized kennel. We were so pleased to see how her daughters interacted with the three-week-old puppies on our first visit to the kennel. The updates and weekly photos that Geraldine provided on-line to committed new owners of her puppies allowed us to share in the excitement of watching them develop into healthy playful individuals.

From the time we first met Kasie, she already had the natural instinct to sit and evaluate new situations. This is still very much a part of her nature together with her ready eye contact and questioning look. It’s gratifying to see how easily she adapts to loud noises as well as nearby construction traffic when on our training walks. It took little effort to have her accept her crate as her quiet-time shelter.


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Kasie is still a little too playful for our timid indoor cat, Boots, but they’re slowly becoming acquainted and hopefully will be life-long friends. Kasie has also taken a great interest in our grandson. She follows him around like a shadow and they readily share toys.

Much to Erich’s delight, Kasie loves to run as part of her daily outdoor training and play activities. Heeling is already going well at this early stage in her life and she’s also retrieving toys and learning to “give” on command and sit while waiting for her food.

Our affection for this little bundle of energy is particularly felt when she lies quietly in our laps in the evening stretched out in the most trusting and carefree manner. We love her friendly silky-smooth face with its lovely amber eyes and soft drooping ears. Thanks, Geraldine, for this much-loved addition to our family.

BigCountry's Sabre
DOB: August 2008
Litter: Ria & Delceg

"We couldn't be happier with our GPS Sabure, and can't imagine life without him running around the house. Sabre is now 1 1/2 yrs old and is just shy of 80 pounds so daily exercise is something he demands but our family wouldn't have him any other way. He is a wonderful dog and even better companion."

BigCountry's Sabre Sabre enjoying the woods on a wintery January day.

BigCountry's Charlie
DOB: Dec. 15th 2008
Litter: Sophie & Haggis

Charlie is owned and loved by David Phillips of Toronto, ON.

"She is growing every day, has a voracious appetite, a fun but not too troublesome sense of curiosity, and a calm, kind nature."


BigCountry's Holly
DOB: Dec. 15th 2008
Litter: Sophie & Haggis

Holly is owned by Rita MacDonald of Nova Scotia

Holly joined us in Feb 2009 and has been an absolute joy. Holly is a sweet girl (tomboy!) and very playful. She lives on 15 acres of land, so she gets lots of exercise. We love the Bernese Mountain dogs and their soft, kind hearted personalities and did I say “fun.” Holly most recently lost her sidekick “Sammy”, my other Bernese, but she is doing well as I also have another mix breed dog that they hang together. Holly follows me everywhere and does not have me out of her sight. You can say she is my sidekick. Warning: you can not have just one BMD because you will fall in love with them.

My experience dealing with Geraldine at Big Country Kennels has been exceptional. She has a lot of knowledge and was very patient with my asking of many questions. Geraldine was very helpful in the transition of getting Holly to Nova Scotia. I did learn one important lesson from Geraldine and that was the importance of getting a Bernese from a reputable breeder as she is. We learned this lesson the difficult way with the loss of our 3 yr old Sammy (BMD) and her ailments. I hope again to get another BMD in the near future.

Love this breed of dog!



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